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The famous Renaissance CHATEAUX

Would you imagine a place with more than a 1000 castles sometimes in the center of the city, sometimes facing the River, sometimes behind tall walls and often hidden in the forests or fields ?

Today 72 ‘official’ chateaux are being opened to the public, the biggest, the Royal ones, the most furnished or the main witnesses of French History.

Every castle has its own identity, its own personality, some with great gardens, some with moats, some with keeps, some very furnished…You will necessarily find your castle !

Make a private visit so you don’t miss their secrets…

Wine & Gastronomy

However paradoxical it may seem, only some connoisseurs appreciate the Loire Valley wines perfectly. Very rare grape varieties, various kinds of soils, good climate…all ingredients to make beatiful still and sparkling wines.

Add to this some unique caves or parcels in the world, dating from several hundreds of years, and you will be astonished by les vins de Loire.

The Loire Valley has also great Chefs : it can be Michelin starred ones, soon-to-be others or many passionated cuisiniers. You’re in France so meals are, as we say, an institution. But not necessarily for every meal !

Why not making a visit where it all begins : a goat cheese maker ? a true mushrooms from-the-cave producer ? unique tomatoes ? even bio snails farm ? You can also take a cooking class with a Chef if you want to go behind the stoves and discover some French cuisine secrets.

Unique and Remarkable Gardens

Loire Valley has definitely a green thumb ! Every garden will make you travel and will tell you different stories.

Since behind every garden…is a gardener.
Fond of vegetable gardens, trimming, History or rare species, a garden is waiting for you.

The French National label ‘Remarkable Gardens’ rewards very special places, where passion and art are the soul of these gardens.

From the sky, on the Rivers, by bike…

Loire Valley is a fantastic playground for outdoor experiences.

600 km of bike paths along the River Loire for the famous ‘Loire à vélo’ itinerary.

Landscapes from a different perspective : barge trips on the River in traditional boat, helicopter over the castles or unique hot-air balloon rides at sunrise or sunset…the choices are numerous.

More adrenalin : ‘accro-branches’ (=tree climbing), horse-riding around the castles or driving a car on the famous Le Mans circuit !

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